Thursday, September 2, 2010

we did the usual. sleep eat and talk.

i just did aiwei's last flight with her. my closest batchgirl whom i always get rostered to do flights with. Though i feel a little sad that i will never be able to do flights with her anymore, shop overseas with her, bunk in , but im happy that she has decided to pursue the kind of life she thinks she will be happy with.
we've had our fair share of disagreements about what she feels abt this job (though i felt hers were a little extremist), but it doesnt matter that we dont see eye to eye abt certain things. I opt for a normal, stable life (u can say i have no aspirations), and she choose to want to carve out a career. However, for whichever path, self-fulfilment is most important.

tan aiwei, i hope everything goes well for u in shanghai :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

it has been a long time since i blogged.. all alone is abu dhabi now while waiting for the soccer match to start, so why not?

Life has been very good, just a little busy. Flying has become totally different to me now. after 2yrs, it isnt about getting to meet new ppl and see the world. it's just a job now. i dont want to be away outstation all the time. i dont want to scan through my roster every single month to see if i have any weekends off. i dont want to be in sin at times when no1 is available to go out with me. But as much as i haboured all these thoughts, i know i will never be willing to take a pay cut (for the next 1 yr at least), never be able to forsake the stress-free work (unless i fly with some famous ppl), the flexible working hrs and of course the convenient shopping overseas. i wanna leave, but i know i'd regret if i really did.

i want to take a break. probably a year? everyone would think im crazy. but i just feel so restless now. i desire a different lifestyle, but i lack the courage to do it.

you asked me something just now which made me think alot. you asked if i would still love u if u had no phd, no car and no money. i know u probably meant nothing. but it really hit me if u really ever did think i was so materialistic.
ok, lets be fair. i didnt say all these factors were not important. it is. it was a plus point that u had them.
but who i really want is somebody who is willing to work hard for our future, who proves to me with his actions, show me he is capable and determined to make things happen. Even if he doesnt have all these now, i'd be there to support him IF i deemed him worthy.
I've known u since uni days, and even more indepth within the last 1 yr. Abilities wise, i dont have a single doubt. Acadamics aside, I have seen how u slowly worked your way through my heart, how much effort u put in to make us work and how much u have sacrificed for me. You always do things for me without any complaints, tell me that im beautiful when i dont think so, make sure im well fed and ferry me to and fro work. You'd always make sure we sort out any disagreements before we sleep and you work your schedule around mine.

i know u are worthy, for me to spend the rest of my life with.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i had this weird dream. maybe i've been thinking too much about it. wanted to tell u, but it is thurs, ur stressful day.

i dunno how to make u feel better. but i will be here.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i never thought that i would change my unreasonable ways for anyone. But for you i did.

i feel very blissed now.
what if i never had the courage to tell you let's part?

how would things be like now?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

impromtu batch gathering.

joey marinating the chic wings!

back at STC

and joey!

its was a last min decision to have a bbq yesterday. it was so much fun. more pics with joey.. gotta wait till she wakes up from her beauty sleep. i think i really missed them la.
But i dont understand why ghost stories are always part of bbq or chalet's entertainment activities :(

Thursday, April 15, 2010

When Joey had a moscow-houston flight last month, i whined to her that it has been a long time (like 6 months) since i had a states flight.

Before paxing back from akl, i told a colleague that i had very little luck with paxing and the last time i did was from sin-jakarta. haha.

After my first Four Seasons duck rice meal in London, i told another colleague that i dont mind getting another london next month for the superb duck rice despite the tough flight.

This morning i was browsing thru the Her world magazine and i came across new products from Kose.. i thought i would get it on my next japan flight.

Now that roster just came out, i have a moscow-houston, with paxing from moscow to sin and london, PLUS osaka and brisbane. And i have the 23rd afternoon off for my geraldine's wedding lunch.

i really thank whoever is up there..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

FULL LOAD, LOTS OF SPECIAL MEALS and LAST MIN SALES but surprisingly, it was a very efficient sector. a smoother-than-usual jakarta flight. all thanks to teamwork.

pax commented how amazed he was with the super dynamic speed that we worked with. To be honest, im equally amazed too.